Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s baaaaack

Remember the content vs pretty musings a while back? It’s baaaaack.

I did make some “pretty” work this past summer along with a bunch of other pieces (it was a very productive summer!), and I like them. It’s not work I could show in all galleries, but isn’t that always the case? Correct work for correct venue? Yes indeed, it is the way it works.

But back to my earlier blog post.

This past summer I was flipping through the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine,, and saw a reader challenge. Hmmm, I wondered, why not? Most of my work is large and problematic to ship (read expensive), and sometimes requires special installation as well, so if I were to take the challenge, downsizing would be in order. And maybe something a little different, like bright colors, possibly something more mainstream. Hmmmmm.

I let my brain toss around these different requirements a bit as I went to work daily in the studio. Some of the smaller dresses were better than others (naturally!!!), and some I never finished, but below are a few of the finished pieces.

I went ahead and submitted three of them to the magazine challenge and lo and behold, I am one of the finalists. Pretty cool, yes? It’s a solitary job working in the studio, so knowing other people connect with my work is encouraging. And oh so very nice. :D

I hope you have a creative day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wishful Thinking

I’ve got an opening tonight at C. Emerson Fine Art in St. Petersburg which makes me consider this whole career called art. It is like running around naked, me thinks, showing your work/soul to the world. Takes great courage, don’t you think?

I’m happy with the piece, and that is truly the most important thing, but it’s out there and that opens the door for comments. Which is fine but still leaves one feeling a touch vulnerable. All part of the process though and I accept that and try to take it all in stride.

The piece is called Wishful Thinking, so I think I’ll blow out a candle and make a wish.

Can’t tell though, then it wouldn’t come true.

Have a happy and creative day!