Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Little White Lies

I took the Encaustic class at Penland School of Crafts that I mentioned in an earlier post a year ago knowing I wanted to work 3 dimensionally, but it took me this long to finally get a piece done.

Sometimes work just has to percolate for a while.

And the main piece that has been brewing and stewing all along is Little White Lies.  It took me that long to bring it fruition because I struggled with what I wanted.  I am a big proponent of working in tandem with each piece, but I need to have some aspects in mind before starting or I could flail around wasting time.

Some of the issues I struggled with were:

  • Should I have a wheel or not?  At first I thought the piece should be that literal.  But as I struggled through one wheel after the next, each looking just like a wheel that Fred Flinstone might have on his car, I started to reconsider.  The wheel barrow was stopped in its tracks, after all, so why have a wheel.
  • What should I fill it with, if anything?  One thing I wanted to use were the little fortune tellers from my childhood, and something I use repeatedly in my work.  At this point I had thought the entire piece should be a pale pink for a sense of innocence, but the little voice in my head kept telling me, "no" to both.
  • I landed on just using text to fill the bucket part.  So, what should the text look like?  How much text should there be? And what should be made of?

I decided to keep it pale white with a gray wash to highlight parts of it, and to use large flat text that is attached to the bucket with just a little overflowing out of it.

Here is an image of it in progress:

Kim Radatz
Little White Lies, 2013

And a detail near the completion:

Kim Radatz
Little White Lies, detail, 2013

Better photos to follow, just a quick peek for now.

What do you think?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

May your day be a creative one!



MoonMaid Botanicals said...

I LOVE it!!! And I am glad to see that you decided against a wheel.

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks for your input, Cynthia!

Amber Radatz said...

I really love the text spilling out of the wheelbarrow. Sort of says to me that its time to dump all the little white lies we tell ourselves and just be honest. I know this is a very late reply, but I am trying to write an article and am blocked...your blog usually helps me past my writers block! So thanks for sharing :)

Kim Radatz said...

Amber, My Dear, it is never too late to reply. Thank you for your input from the bottom of my heart. And thanks for your kind words about me inspiring you. Sweet! I hope your article came out great!