Sunday, January 2, 2011

Show and Tell Sundays-Make a Wish and Make it Happen

I gave wish lanterns to family members for them to send off on New Year’s Day. The date was so magical, and even more powerful, in my mind’s eye, since it was the first day of the year.

While I await the photos from their launchings (we all live in different states, and more importantly, they are technically challenged) I am including a photo of the wish lantern we launched. My husband and I wrote our hopes and wishes for the New Year and set it afloat. A beautiful sight to see. Since the power was out in our neighborhood the lantern really shone.

May this be a sign of a bright and beautiful New Year. And may yours shine equally bright and beautifully.

Happy New Year!


Shannon Willis said...

What a wonderful idea Kim. I wish I would have seen it in person. I bet it was beautiful.



Martha Marshall said...

Positively magical. What a wonderful gift. I love the pictures too! Here's wishing you a fantastic art year!

Kim Radatz said...


We'll be setting more off in the future; I'll let you know in advance so you can see them for yourself.

Kim Radatz said...

Martha, Thank you for the good wishes for the year, sort of feels like this year something magical will happen in the art world. Hope it does for you too.