Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Year, One Month, One Day

That is exactly the amount of time that has passed since I last blogged.

Mercy me.

It wasn’t an intentional choice to stop, it just happened.

First, I went to Penland School of Crafts for an encaustic class.  Which was FABULOUS, by the way.  I learned lots and met a wonderful group of artists.  Hands down one of the best experiences that I have had taking a workshop.  (Below are a few pieces I made during the workshop.)

And then one thing led to another, and then another, and I got out of the habit of blogging.

I toyed with different blog post ideas from time to time, but they never made it past the idea stage.

But, here I am back again.

I’d like to think I’ll make it a regular habit, but in the past year I have also tried to let go of the many “shoulds” in my life, so I’m not going to force myself into a “one size fits all model.”  Instead, I’ll shoot towards once a week and hope for the best.

I do have much to share and much to learn from you, so I look forward to reconnecting again.

Until the next time, may your days be filled with lots of creativity.



Encaustic work done at Penland 2012
Kim Radatz
Encaustic work done at Penland 2012
Kim Radatz
Letting Go, Orange
Kim Radatz
Letting Go, Green
Kim Radatz 
Polka Dot House
Kim Radatz
You Say
Kim Radatz
Seeking North
Kim Radatz


3 wishes studio said...

Funny how the universe works, I was thinking of you just yesterday. Glad you are back.
The encaustic work is intriguing. Letting go and seeking north are where I am now too. Best, Kim

MoonMaid Botanicals said...

Glad to see you are blogging!!!! Very lovely pieces.

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks so much, Kim! More encaustic work coming in the very near future.

Kim Radatz said...

Cynthia, yes good to be back. And more to come.