Monday, February 8, 2010

Pix from TAPAS

Well, the TAPAS show was fantastic though LOTS of work, which is why I haven’t posted pix until now. But here is a peek at the visual arts. We couldn’t do photos during the performances as the flash could potentially interrupt and startle the dancers, singers, and poets, but rest assured, they were GREAT. For a visual artist that labors long and hard to make a piece and then hang it, it was so refreshing to see visual performers that get instant gratification. Yes, yes, yes, I know they have done MUCH work to get to that point, it just feels different to what we visual folks get. I mean, has anybody given you a standing ovation? See what I mean. It’s just different. And bravo to you if you HAVE received a standing ovation at one of your shows. WHOO HOO to you!!!! The visual artists included in the show were: Jeremy Chandler, Suzanne Camp Crosby, Jason Fondren , Taylor Ikin, Phyllis McEwen, Donna Duke Morrison, Kim Radatz, Jon Rodriguez.

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