Monday, August 2, 2010

Photographing Work

Photographing work is a necessary evil in this business, me thinks. It’s not something I personally enjoy doing, and I find it very hard to take the time to do. But once I do take the time I certainly enjoy seeing and contemplating the work in print. I think it puts space between me and the work and I can look at it from a different angle, for lack of a better word.

Here’s one I’m contemplating now. It’s another version of Melanie (Some People Say I Done Alright for a Girl), this time in black and white. The previous one has the roller skates, which ties it closer to the original song by Melanie. I like to do a concept in different ways, just to work through all of my ideas. Since I am a twin, I find it very hard to see just one of anything. Multiples are a must for me!
I’ve got more to share and will do so as the day go by.

Have a creative day!

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