Sunday, August 14, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday-A Budding Artist

When I was 7 or 8 my Mom let my sibs and I buy a packet of seeds to plant in a makeshift garden in our suburban LA home.

1 Packet.

Hmmm, what to choose, what to choose.

While my sibs picked radishes, pole beans and carrots, I picked gourds. Gourds?

I should have known something was up at that point.

I think what was up, was that I was a budding artist. I didn’t want to eat what I grew; I wanted to enjoy something visual way beyond summer.

And here I am, a bazillion years’ later, living part-time on a farm with a real garden, and my favorite plant is still gourds. Pumpkins too, but they’re just part of the family.

Some things never change.

And now we are at that time of year when I stroll through the gardens daily just to see what has appeared since yesterday. Sort of like an egg hunt, but with pumpkins and gourds.

Here's what today brought.

young jack and gourd cross

winged gourd

warted gourd

blue hubbard and white pumpkin cross


I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Until then, may your day be blessed with treats too!


Anonymous said...

The magic of nature speaking to us. I'm glad you listened all those years ago. Those ugly ole gourds are not so ugly - but beautiful! Wish my garden was doing as well. Happy wishes your way. Kim

Kim Radatz said...


Well, my garden has been better in previous years, but still producing a little. I always share some with the bugs and butterflies, but the cold then drought conditions we had in June and July have taken their toll. Not plentiful, but plenty enough.

Thanks for the wishes!