Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me and Tink

Sometimes a piece will make itself. I’ll get an idea and bam, it all falls together seamlessly. No laboring. No redoing. No tinkering.

But at other times, ugh, work, rework, think about it, and tinker with it.

Usually I’ll do the required dance to bring the piece to fruition. Tinker here. Tweak there. And then, wah-lah, it’s done.

Other times I have to call it quits on the idea. And that’s okay. Frustrating, but part of the process.

Currently, I have been tinkering on a piece for almost a year. A year! Not consistently, but it sits in my studio and I often ponder how I can see it through to completion.

See it completed I do. Knowing how to accomplish that, I don’t.

Maybe now would be the times to wish for a deadline.  Possibly that would force me to figure it out.  Or call it quits.

No, I don't think so.  There is something about this installation that I feel the need to see.  So I’ll keep tweaking here and there and eventually I’ll figure out what to do.

Tweaking, tinkering, all the same, methinks.

If only I had her wings too. :)

May your day be a magical one!


3 wishes studio said...

Hi Kim, I've nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award - because you inspire me so! xxoo Kim

Kim Radatz said...

Kim, You are too kind. Thank you so much. I have been out of touch lately as life has gotten in the way, BIG TIME. But I plan to post soon.

Thanks again!