Monday, October 3, 2011

Do You Donate Your Art?

I am an artist. This does not mean I will work for FREE. I have bills just like you! Thank you for understanding! (Love this!)
T-Shirt design by he said tee shed
I saw the above on Facebook this past week and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend earlier this year.

She has a “No Donations” policy. Period. And here is why.

• The work we donate is always first rate as our names are attached to it.
• We work just as hard on the free work as the work we will sell.
• If there is no return on the investment, why spend all of that time and energy on it?

I donate art because of guilt. Or because I believe in the cause. And because somebody has asked me to do so, and I’m fairly obedient (though my husband might disagree. :)

So, I am wondering, why do you donate your art?

And if you don’t donate your art, why not?

I know I’d love to hear the ins and outs of your decision, and I bet others will too.

Thanks much, and may your day be a creative one.


margaret said...

i donate for what i believe is a worthy cause..and i also believe it is good advertisement.people think kindly of people who are generous.

Kim Radatz said...

I'm with you, Margaret, it is good karma to donate, no matter what the product is. And I'll continue to donate, I'm just made that way. But I do wonder why visual artists are asked to do it so often.

Anonymous said...

I too donate to causes I believe in, and for the good Karma thing. I host a spring time open house and sell specific items that I have created for two charities of my choice, with partial proceeds going to those charities. It makes me feel good, however, I do not know that it has ever brought me any more business or good-will. Honestly, I've thought about stopping this practice - but think that is unlikely too.

He Said Tee Shed said...

Thanks for sharing our Shirt. We just released a poster also.

Kim Radatz said...

Hey hesaidteeshed! Happy to know who did the fabulous t-shirt. And now I can credit you too!