Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miami, Here I Come- SCOPE It Out!

2 weeks from today I’ll be driving to Miami to participate in the SCOPE show during the chaos in Miami known as Art Basel.

I am very excited. A little scared too.

I’m honored that Lori Johns of C. Emerson Fine Art invited me to participate. It is reassuring to know that people believe in my work.

And it is a going home of sorts as I lived in Miami most of my adult life.

But the scary part?

Well, it’s always a little unnerving to show work, especially since this is such a world renowned show. Akin to running naked, as I have mentioned before.

Also, I will be seeing people, specifically former teachers and fellow classmates, most of whom I haven’t seen since leaving Miami.

I graduated from Miami-Dade Community College with my AA. Then Florida Internatioanl University with my BFA. And finally the University of Miami with my MFA. Which took me 16 years to complete. Longer than average, but I needed that time to grow as an artist.

And grow, I have.

So I shall relish the tingling going on in the pit of my stomach and forge ahead.

I’ll hope the show is a huge success for all of us.

And I’ll enjoy spending time with old friends and making new memories with them.

This time though, it’ll be the new, more confident artist that you know. Instead of the rather shy, insecure one that left way back when.  And that, my friends, can only be a good thing!

On that happy note, I shall sign off.

I'm happy to be back and apologize for the long absence!

Until the next time, may you have a creative day!


Laura Tringali Holmes said...

A well deserved showcase for you. Congratulations!

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks, Laura!

Amit Sadik said...

good luck with the Scope!@!!

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks, Amit. I'll try to post while I am there to share some of the fun.