Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday- The Story Goes Round and Round

Individually each piece documents an idea, a thought, or experience for one moment in time.   Collectively they are part of an ongoing dialog.  Each is tied to the next and the one before.  They are all intrinsically linked together and the conversation continues.

Small Skins, © Kim Radatz
Small Skins, © Kim Radatz
Small Skins, © Kim Radatz


MoonMaid Botanicals said...

I love these pieces. And, I am amazed at your rabbit image. I use to always get Karen a rabbit something and you......I can't quite remember for each birthday/holiday. Unicorns or snails...but she was a rabbit. I really like the image of the little girl!!! Keep up the good work.......big sis

Kim Radatz said...


Glad you like them. They are new, but percolating for a couple of years now. But I’m excited to do many more.

Yes, the bunny is from all of Karen’s. They have become my favorite thing too.

Thanks for checking them out! Stay warm.


Martha Marshall said...

Oooooooh! Love these, Kim!

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks so much, Martha.

Love all the "ooooo's" in your comment. Seems fitting for this work.

Thanks for checkin' 'em out.