Sunday, May 1, 2011

BRAVA- Women's Work at Salt Creek Artworks

Our show opened on Friday and what a lovely evening it was visiting with old and new friends alike.

Here are some pictures I took after set up, but before the opening as I was way too busy to get any pix at that time.  I intended to take some, but......

Have a  great evening and a creative day tomorrow!

Kim Radatz

Margaret Conte

Candace Knapp

Phyllis McEwen

Carolina Cleere

Lyla Haggard


Luis said...

Hi, Kim. I've finally finished and put up my review of the Brava show including your work, of course, (in Part II) at Art Taco. Thanks for bringing out "Wishful Thinking".

--- Luis

CB said...

Greetings Kim. First off , here is the weird coincidence:
I have been following your blog , commenting a couple times and now I see you and I cross paths in the July/ August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors mixed media magazine. You are on page 18 and I am on page 28 .
Congratulations on the interview and the Salt Creek show!

Kim Radatz said...

Hey CB!

Sorry for the delay in responding, but I have been traveling and a bit out of communication.

Got the magazine on Friday, love your article and your work. Feels like we are kindred spirits, yes? I look forward to following you on your blog and getting to know you better. I love the internet for the connections I make! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!