Sunday, June 19, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday- Serendipity Strikes Again

Life is so interesting, don’t you think? One never knows what seemingly insignificant stuff can turn into big and exciting news. A little over a year ago, my friend and fellow blogger, Martha, at An Artist's Journal, blogged about using Citra-Solve (spelling varies greatly, BTW) in her art work and mentioned reading about it in the magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors. I was intrigued by the sound of it, went to my local bookseller, and bought the magazine.

Also in that issue was a Call to Artists for their inaugural Artisan Search 2011. Hmmm, I thought, maybe I should check into this. Which I did and decided to apply for. Lo and behold I won in my category. All because I read a blog post. Wonderful stuff, this serendipitous path called life.

The winners in each category received a wonderful prize package and were interviewed to appear in the magazine throughout the year. I was slated for the July/August issue, so I jokingly called myself  Miss July/August. Made me want to walk down the red carpet with flowers and a crown. (Yes, in clothes, just in case bunny ears came to mind.)

And then the crowning jewel of this serendipitous path was reveled this past Friday when I received the actual magazine and was surprised to see my work on the cover. I am honored. And I promise to not take stuff like this for granted.

In lieu of scanning the cover, which I can’t do as I am traveling, here is the link to the magazine with the cover and info about the issue.

Until the next time, may your day be filled with surprises!


Roben-Marie said...

I was in St. Petersburg last weekend taking mixed media classes at Whim So Doodle, which is down the road from the Florida Craftsmen Gallery. We stopped in one day to check it out and as we worked our way through the gallery, your work especially caught my eye! Wow! Your work is stunning and I was intrigued!

I wanted to let you know how much I loved your pieces and share with you that I blogged about you today! Congratulations on your Cloth Paper Scissors cover girl gig and for winning in your category. I have a subscription to the magazine so I will see it when it arrives.

I was just wondering if you have an open studio in Florida? I vacation not far from where you live and was just there in May. We come a couple of times a year and thought I would just ask!

Oh, here is the blog post:

Have a wonderful day!
Roben-Marie :)

Martha Marshall said...

That is fantastic, Kim!! Wow, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I think it's a really fun and inspiring magazine, and what could be more inspiring than seeing your work on the cover!! Congratulations!

Hope you're having a great time gardening and kicking back.

Kim Radatz said...


Thank you for your kind words and for blogging about me! Very reassuring to get such positive feedback on this oft scary art path!

Yes, I would be happy to host a studio visit with you. If you contact me via my website we can work out the details.

Thanks again. May your day be a creative one!


Kim Radatz said...

Hey Martha,

Thanks so much! Being on the cover was a complete surprise to me, even though I had been in touch with the editors. But surprises can be so much fun!

The gardens are done, just a little weeding here and there. Some blooms, no veggies, but it is way too early for that up this far north. I’ll post pix when we have more color.

Hugs to all

jc said... way of Roben-marie's blog, I have discovered your thought provoking and beautiful creations. Love your clothing metaphor!

Kim Radatz said...


Thanks so much for your input, always helps to know when our work resonates with others, don't you think? Helps to remind me I am not alone. :-)



Createology said...

I am visiting from Roben-Marie's blog. I do have my new Cloth Paper Scissors with your artwork on the cover and now am excited to read it. Congratulations to you! Wondrous week to you...

Judy Hayes said...

I just received my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors. I was fascinated by your dress on the cover! I read the article and discovered some things we have in common. I too work on the floor, love to spend time in my gardens and try to put everything away at the end of the day so as to have a fresh start the next time. When I read you spend your summers in Minnesota I was drawn to contact you. I live in Minnesota!
Do you show any of your work in Minnesota?
How did you get started making pattern paper dresses? What inspired you?
I'd love to learn more about your work.

Kim Radatz said...

Dear Ms. Creatology,

I have had a wondrous week, thanks so much! I hope you have the same. And I hope you enjoyed the article.



Kim Radatz said...


A couple of your questions have inspired another blog post, so look for that in the near future. But for now, yes, I will be showing at the Pump House in La Crosse, Wisconsin in September of 2012 and will put that information on my website once the time draws near.

If you contact me via my website I’d love to have coffee with you sometime this summer, if that would work for you. I would enjoy meeting you.

Thanks much for visiting my blog!