Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some Days Are More Challenging Than Others

“Happiness comes when you overcome the most impossible challenge.”

In the whole scheme of life, the challenge I am facing with this new series I am working on is nothing. But, oh how I wish it would ease up a bit. I have been inside out and upside down and everywhere in-between with no resolution on the work.

So, when I brewed my tea this morning and read the inspirational message that came with the tea bag, I felt the universe was trying to tell me something. And I will heed the advice. Struggle through the piece. It’ll all work out in the end. Hopefully it’ll happen soon!

In case you aren’t familiar with Yogi Teas, and I wasn’t until very recently, each tea bag comes complete with delicious tea and an inspirational message. As some of you know, I just love inspirational messages! Makes me want to run out and buy more boxes just for the messages. But, I won’t, it’s back to work for me, I will resolve this piece!

I’ll let you know if and when it works out.

Until then, may your day be a productive one!

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