Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday-Double Edged Sword

I have been working towards a show a C. Emerson Fine Art, and instead of delivering something from a current series, I wanted to try something new and different.

Which brings me to the double edged sword.

It is great to be challenging myself to try something new, as in doing so the challenge is also pushing me forward towards new and wonderful possibilities. But, it also leaves me feeling nervous and vulnerable.

Tell me, does the same thing happen to you?

And if yes, how do you deal with it?

In the meantime, here are some pix of my new piece, Letters to My Lover (Bleeding Out), along with my artist statement.
For many years I used the house form as a metaphor for people. That concept evolved to include clothing as an actual house for our bodies. Taking the concept one step further, I removed the form altogether using only the skins. Like cast off tattooed bits, the skins remain to tell a story long after the moment has passed.

With Letters to My Lover (Bleeding Out), I am reintroducing a form, this time a simple envelope, but one rich with its own history and symbolism. In tandem with the memories of the viewer the piece becomes a unique experience to each individual. 

Letters to My Lover (Bleeding Out)
©Kim Radatz
Letters to My Lover (Bleeding Out), detail
©Kim Radatz
Letters to My Lover (Bleeding Out), detail
©Kim Radatz

Whaddaya think?

And no matter what you do, I hope you have a creative day!

P. S. The gallery owner loved the piece. :-)


margaret said...

they are so magnificent! and so kim..i can see why she loved them.m

Laura Tringali Holmes said...

Definitely a double-edged sword. But one well worth wielding, in my opinion. Hard to get the energy, though, sometimes, especially in the summer heat. Wish I could see the letters piece in person. It's awesome. I waited to read your words about it until after I crawled through the photos--an enriching explanation, and just wonderful to have your words to help me verbalize to myself what I was feeling when I was looking.

Kim Radatz said...


Thank you so very much for your kind words! Very much appreciated!

I too look at a piece first before reading the artist statement as I want to bring a piece of myself to the work, if possible, but I must also admit that I love to read what the artist has to say.

Glad the work resonated with you. I’m still working through the series, but check back in as I am feeling the need to send some out into the world as gifts.

I wish for cooler days in the near future for you. I love the heat having grown up in Southern California and now living in Florida, but the heat and humidity we had here last week in Minnesota was yucky. Happy to have that all over with now.

Again, thanks!

Kim Radatz said...


Do you remember "Bloodlines", the piece about my sibs and me that is red with houses and yardsticks? When I showed that work at Martha’s house you had such powerful things to say about it. I am reminded of that with your comment here. Thank you.