Sunday, January 1, 2012

I AM ...Going to Take a Nap Today

I am very happy to say that the First Night show was a huge success.

We started handing out t-shirts at 5:00pm and didn’t stop until midnight when we watched the beautiful fireworks display courtesy of First Night St. Pete. After that we broke down the show and made it home shortly after 3:00am.

Up at 7:00 and I’m already dreaming about a nap. :)

I am honored that so many people were moved by my installation, some to the point of tears. Very gratifying to know that something I make can resonate so powerfully with another person. The best part about this crazy life called art. Thank you to each of you who participated!

I took photos of as many people and their “I AM” shirts as possible before my camera battery died. Many that I didn’t get to take have promised to send me pictures. I’ll post them all during the upcoming week.

For now, here are a few-

I AM going to kick cancer's butt
(I hope you do!!!)

 Happy New Year to you, my friends!


Createology said...

Great positive way to begin a fresh new year. Enjoy your've earned it.

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks, Sherry! Here's to playing this year. HNY!

Martha Marshall said...

You are . . . an endless flowing spring of creativity! You never cease to amaze. Wish I could have been there. Happy New Year!!

Kim Radatz said...

Awwhh, thanks, Martha! I wish you could have been here too! HNY!

3 wishes studio said...

Oh I love it - for you and for all the participants. I am happy to have found your art and inspirational words.

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks, Kim! Ditto for me. :)

The whole evening was a great, I am so glad I did it.