Monday, January 23, 2012


Somebody asked me recently if I had seen the new Dr. Pepper commercial with the t-shirts. Nope, I hadn’t, but I should have asked them more questions.

Like “what did the shirts look like?”

Because, much to my surprise while I was watching TV yesterday I saw the new commercial.  Guess what? The people in the new Dr. Pepper commercial are wearing t-shirts that say, “I’m a Pepper.”

And even more surprising, the slogan was used previously in a commercial from the 1970’s. 1970’s????

Where have I been? Obviously not watching TV commercials.

Nope, my "I AM" concept didn’t stem from that commercial, but rather my Mirror, Mirror piece.  And both are completely different in concept, even if they look similar.  Which sounds a little like being a twin to me. Still, though,it's a bit disheartening to see something you have nurtured show up in somebody elses portfolio too.

But alas, that's life, yes?  I'm just gonna chalk this up to one of lifes' crazy coincidences.

Until the next time, may your days be creative and original!


MoonMaid Botanicals said...

Ahhhhh!!!! Well...I've never seen it either.

Kim Radatz said...

Cynthia, out of touch, we are!