Monday, November 15, 2010

Do you ever get distracted?

I think this might even be considered lost, instead of distracted! Nah, just kidding.

But honestly, I set off last Wednesday to deliver work to FMWA in DeLand and ended up going on to Daytona and spending a few days there. Nice. No distractions, no computer, but yikes, that can cause some problems. Especially when one is used to logging on every day. A forced vacation from the computer due to an impulse. This is also not like me at all. Remember the anal organization on my studio? Yep, the anal stuff runs deep! Organized. Planned out. Etc. So this was a nice.

All of that to say, I never posted the pix of the collages prior to delivering them to the museum gift shop. So here is a quick look.  Thankfully, one sold the day of delivery.  Very nice to get that confirmation.

collages©, Kim Radatz

And this makes me wonder about you, since we've been sharing some Q and A: Do you ever get distracted?  Do tell.


MAUX said...

Yes. I get distracted and I am aware of it. The first thing I thought of when I saw "Do you ever get distracted?" was the name of a book I purchased years back called "Driven to Distraction". I assumed creative people, or people with overactive imaginations would suffer distraction more easily than others and wanted the self-help book. (It was geared towards ADD people.)

I think that distraction is the evil twin of focus. There are times when I start a painting and then get lost in distracting thoughts. What happens is I start to think of something NEW that I can paint and lose focus. The distraction of the creative thoughts invade current, focused thoughts at times. Always realized after the fact.

As for that book, after I read through the first couple chapters, I was left with the impression that everyone suffers distraction, or ADD, and then I got distracted and never finished the book. :D

Kim Radatz said...

LOL, Maureen! Too funny.

As for distractions while I’m working on an actual piece, I like that distraction. I heard a quote once, and though I have tried, I can’t remember who said it. It was essentially about work being at its best when the painter leaves the room. Not physically, but mentally. And I like that zoning out part. Except when I am sewing. That can be a prickly problem. :D

Martha Marshall said...

Oh, I love these collages! Congrats on the immediate sale too.

Yes, I do get distracted a lot, but I'm used to it at my age and take it pretty much in stride.

The worst part is probably that when I'm supposed to "be there" for a family member or other situation I'm often distracted by thoughts of my art and what I'd be doing in the studio if I could be there.

Kim Radatz said...

I'm trying to learn to take stuff in stride, Martha. I'll keep practicing till I get it right!