Friday, November 5, 2010

Selling Off Some Old Friends

You know, I too have been pondering the questions I posed the other day. Specifically, “What’s your workspace like?” and “Are you messy or neat?”

I am pondering these as I prepare for a garage sale we are having tomorrow.

In addition to the regular household items one typically finds, I am selling quite a bit of my mixed media supplies. It’s scary. It’s a bit like selling off old friends. Some of this stuff I have had forever and some items are recent acquisitions. But all are loved by me. I don’t just bring any ol’ thing home; it has to speak to me first. But now I am moving some of them out. And I’ve got to say, it feels rather nice. Scary, but nice.

I have long believed that cleaning out older work gives you permission to make more. But this time, it is more than making space, I am downsizing in a big way.

Maybe it’s because I had a very productive summer in my tiny studio in Minnesota. That probably is a major motivating factor. If I can produce lots of stuff in a small space, just a corner carved out of my bedroom, what can I do in my larger studio if I have wide open space? Make lots and lots more?

Time will tell on that front, and I will keep you posted. But for now I shall enjoy the empty spaces.

Oh, and to answer the questions- full of bright natural light; orderly; messy in the process and tidy between pieces. Some might say anal. I’m okay with that. Here are 2 quick views.

The pix don't look as bright as in real life, but you can get an idea.

East end of studio

one wall of storage

I hope you have a creative day in your studio!


Cathy said...

Will you please come help me get organized?!! I have always loved your way of getting things right! Well, yes the inspiration also! Miss you, Cathy

Kim Radatz said...

I do love to organize-I might take you up on the offer, if you are cooking, of course!

Martha Marshall said...

Kim, thank you for putting up a studio picture. I miss seeing it! It's so beautiful and peaceful -- and orderly!

Don't worry, as soon as you get rid of all that stuff you'll be looking frantically for that one thing you shouldn't have tossed. But I do so agree that it gives us permission to do more work. I keep looking at the big stack of big canvases and wondering what their eventual fate will be. Some editing in their future, I can tell you that for sure.

Kim Radatz said...

Martha, The good news is that Margaret was our very first visitor and took all of the mixed media stuff. So, I needn’t go far should I find I’m desperate for something I got rid of. Though I’m thinking I’m okay with letting them go. Once I made the discussion to move them on out, it was off with their heads forever.

Good luck with your large canvases. It’s hard to let them go, but the space it frees up is wonderful. Just in case you need the extra encouragement to set them free. :D