Saturday, December 17, 2011

Counting Down to 2012

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2 weeks from today 2011 will come to an end.

It is a bittersweet time of year.

Sorry to say good bye, and be another year older, but hopeful for the future.

To stop myself from getting caught up in “I should’s,” with a long list of resolutions, and more pressure, for the coming year I have found that reviewing what I have achieved in the past year helps me move forward into the new year in a more positive and productive way.

It sort of seems silly, possibly arrogant, to make a list of achievements. However, if done with a tender heart and no ego involved, it becomes an objective way to see how 2011 played out. It enables me to see that I did accomplish many things. Maybe not all that I had hoped for.  But that’s what the New Year is for, right?

Maybe you do the same? Maybe it is a new concept for you?

Either way, if you do it, let us know how it goes, okay?

May your list be long!


Jenny said...

What a great idea. So easy to forget achievements in the midst of new goals. I think I might do this over my vacation. Thanks for the inspiration. May your list be long as well!

Kim Radatz said...

The first time I did this it was weird, but in the end, very inspiring. Glad the idea resonates with you too. Enjoy your vacation! And thanks for stopping by.

3 wishes studio said...

Kim -
I've never been good at setting goals, maybe from too much disillusionment in myself. However, I do find this idea inspiring and actually maybe even making me feel a little better about myself and where I have been this year. AND where I am going next. Thanks again for the inspiration.

KimRadatz said...


Well, if it helps you feel better about yourself, go for it, Girl. You are an inspiration to many, myself included. Make your list, its gonna be long, you'll see.