Saturday, December 24, 2011

What Would You Say?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Next week I am participating in the PODS show for First Night StPete, FL.

My interactive installation incorporates the background wall of mirrors from this version of Mirror, Mirror.

Mirror, Mirror©, Kim Radatz 2008

In addition to the wall of mirrors, the installation will include other full length mirrors distorted ala a carnival show.

The concept behind this work is one of questioning perceptions and reality.
How do we see ourselves?
How do people see us?
And how do their views affect ours?

But I think the most exciting part are the t-shirts I’ll be handing out to people.

Their part in the installation is to fill in the blank.  Hopefully they'll wear the shirt for the duration of the event too.

We’ll be walking billboards with our thoughts literally written across our chests.

I wonder what people will say?

It will be interesting to see.

And, if given an opportunity, what would you say?

what would you say?
All blog participants' names will go in a hat for a free t-shirt drawing the morning of New Years Eve.

Good luck.  I hope you win.

Then you can tell the world too. :)


trish said...

What a wonderful show and expression that needs to have voice; thank you kim~

MoonMaid Botanicals said...

I am
growing wiser each and every day.

Kim Radatz said...

Thank you, Trish, for stopping by and your support!

Kim Radatz said...

Cynthia, love what you have to say! Thanks for sharing. :)