Friday, December 30, 2011

Nothing Changes Until You Do

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“Nothing changes until you do.”
  -SOURCE UNKNOWN                                                 

Okay, so as the year draws to a close I’ve been reviewing tips that I have gathered in blogs, books, and on the Internet. From these disparate sources I have compiled a list in a handy-dandy, easily readable fashion in hopes of staying on top of my career this year.

They are not earth shattering revelations, but they are distilled down to the essence, which makes the list handy-dandy, and maybe more doable, too.

I thought I’d end the year off by paying it forward to you in hopes my list might help you as well.

Please feel free to pass on your tips too. Any tips to help me be a more organized and productive artist are always welcome!

• Identify what you want. You won’t know what to shoot at if you don’t have a target.

• Be purposeful about where you put your attention. Only positive thoughts allowed. Positive thoughts bring positive results.

• Stay focused. Keep distractions at bay.

• Be ruthlessly protective of your studio time. Learn to say “no” more often.

• Keep failing. It builds character and helps you grow.

• Be happier. Laugh every day.

• Be better. Learn more.

• No excuses. Period.

Off to work I go.  I hope you have a creative and productive day!


Martha Marshall said...

I love this list, Kim! Great advice. Best to you in the New Year!

PS - And I'll let you know how the zinnias do.

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks so much, Martha!

Yes, I do want to hear about your zinnias this year. When can you plant them in your area? I hope they blossom like crazy and fill your garden with color and joy!

Happy New Year to you both!