Sunday, December 18, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday-What About You? What are You Working On?

Work in progress, She’s Come Undone©, Kim Radatz, 2011

During the Florida Craftsmen show this past summer I sold quite a few pieces. Yay! In this economy I'm not going to take that bit of fortune for granted. Truth be known, I never take sales for granted. I am always so pleased to hear positive words about my work that I’m tempted to give my work to that very nice person.

Thankfully, I don’t handle my sales!

Anyway, I got a commission for one of the sold pieces, She’s Come Undone. I don’t make duplicates, but similar pieces. I don’t think it’d be possible for me to duplicate something. But like my twin sister and I, the work looks similar yet different.

Here are the 2 pieces I’m working on. The buyer will take her pick once they are finished and the remaining one is slated for a show at The Pump House in La Crosse, Wisconsin this September. I’m pleased to be getting a jump start on that show, should have all of the work done by April. It’ll help eliminate some last minute stress, which there always is, no matter what.

So, that's what's new with me.

What about you? What are you working on?


3 wishes studio said...

Hi Kim
I continue to like the feel of this line you are working on.

I have a mixed media triptych that I've been working on for months. I can't seem to move forward with. I just keep pulling it out and staring at it - and I get nothing.

Think I'll go bake some Christmas cookies.
Happy Holidays!

Kim Radatz said...

Thanks, Kim! I too have work that isn’t ready to be finished. Yet this morning I was looking at one skin that is well over a year in the making and it finally spoke to me. Yay, now I have a direction to go in. But first I must cut it in half.

Sometimes it just takes time for a piece to come to fruition. And sometimes a piece takes too long and is taking up valuable space in the studio. To the scissors we go again, but at that point it’s off with its head for good. :)

Have fun in the kitchen!
Happy Holidays to you too!