Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do You Know the Secret?

To Etsy, that is.

Periodically I will think to myself, “I should try to sell some smaller works with my own Etsy shop.” And then if I take it one step further and actually log onto Etsy to check it out and try to navigate my way around the site I break into a cold sweat and immediately want to run.

Far away.

And fast.

Is this unique to me? Or have you experienced that too?

And I also wonder, do you buy or sell on Etsy?

If yes, maybe you have some secrets to share on how to do it well?

Please, do tell.  I could use your help.


CB said...

I have felt exactly the same way. I consider smaller works for Etsy and "BAM!", I turn and run. Do I really want to direct my time and energy that way ? Will that be a low-paying time-sucker? So often when I cruise through the pages on Etsy, I am aghast at how little artists & crafters charge for their work. Time is money, people! So here I remain, a sometime purchaser and cruiser.

Kim Radatz said...


So nice to know that I am not alone!