Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shooting at Targets

I like deadlines as they give me something to aim at. They keep me on track and working towards a finished product. Always nice to have a target.

And I have one this week. It helped get me out of bed and feeling better again. Wonderful how life helps me out that way.

This week I have been diligently working on these “skins”. Not finished yet, but they will be for the deadline.
Lost Innocence, Kim Radatz©
Patiently Waiting, Kim Radatz©
One Foot in Front of the Other, Kim Radatz©
Wishful Thinking, Kim Radatz©

Back to work for me. I hope you have a productive day too.

And Happy New Year to you. May 2011 be a year of blessings for you and yours.


Martha Marshall said...

These are wonderful, Kim. I'm loving the idea of skin and all the implications. Delicate and sensitive drawings too.

Kim Radatz said...

Thank you for your positive words, Martha. I like them too, but running naked, as always, with these newer pieces so getting confirmation is always appreciated.