Friday, September 2, 2011

Clowning Around and Thinking Out Loud in the Bag

I have been teaching myself to sew this summer. Yep, for more than a few years I have used the sewing machine as my main tool, yet I officially don’t know how to sew.

I can get the job done, mind you, my work just hasn’t been about the sewing. To me, using the sewing machine is akin to using welding torches, (which I do know how to use); the end result is the same, it’s the materials and the tools used to attach two parts together that are different. But connecting together they both do.

So I bought a book about sewing and started the lessons. It has been an interesting journey so far. Obviously, some things worked out better than others, but each one has taught me something, and that is always a good thing.

About the time I started my lessons I received my dresses back from the Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan Search which now hang in my studio. After looking at them for a while I was inspired to try one of the projects in the book with the paper fabric that I used for the CPS dresses.

Below are a few of the bags I have made. Not sure where they’ll go from here but I have been enjoying the process. It has been a labor of fun, with a touch of aggravation thrown in. =D

And now I shall put the fabrics and sewing machine away for the weekend, very appropriate for the Labor Day Weekend, me thinks.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope you have a fantastic and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Kim Radatz©

Clowning Around Red, Kim Radatz©
Clowning Around Blue, Kim Radatz©

Thinking Out Loud, Kim Radatz©


Kim Franklin said...

I love the green and blue bag that colors are beautiful together. My sister was given the sewing talent, I on the other hand was given mixed media art talent... but I do long to make a recycled t-shirt hat... what sewing book did you use by chance?

Kim Radatz said...

Hey Kim,

We have much in common! Both of my sisters got the sewing gene too, but I figure I learned something vicariously and have been applying it to my work, now I just want to fine tune those skills. :)

I bought two sewing books on clearance when Borders was going out of business. Bummer for them, but it got me my books, so yay for me. I have been using the "Stitch by Stitch" by Deborah Moebes for my lessons, it really does feel like I have a teacher standing over my shoulder with help. I highly recommend it. I also bought "Simple Sewing" by Lotta Jansdotter, I love her design sensibility and will try some of her patterns at a later date. And she has a hat pattern too! :)

Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by, I really appreciate it!