Sunday, September 11, 2011

Show and Tell Sunday- A Crushing Blow

A little over a week ago I got the bad news that my beloved 2 year old cat, Hennessey, had feline leukemia. Fortunately her sister and litter mate, Molly, does not. In the days that followed, I found out that most of the barn cats I care for here at the farm, 10 of the 12, also have feline leukemia. It has been a crushing blow. I have fixed, vaccinated, and loved these guys for many years and now they will die. Had I received more advice, I could have saved them from their fate with a simple vaccination in addition to the others they get annually.

It is possible they were born with it, both my adopted two, and the rest, a common problem on the farm, I now know, but maybe not. A moot point, though one I will continue to second guess forever.

After many tears, which I know I will shed for a long time to come, I have accepted that my beloved cats and I were only meant to be together for a short while and we are all richer for the experience. The sun will continue to rise, as it did today while Hennie and I watched, and the world will go round and round. But I am still profoundly sad.

So, I beg of you, please, if you have cats, inside, outside, or feral cats you care for, get them checked and vaccinated for ALL contagious diseases. Speaking from experience, it will be worth the extra effort.

And now, I am going outside to visit with my barn cats. May you find happy moments in your day too!

Hennie and I watch the sun rise together


Judy Hayes said...

Hennie is such a beautiful cat!
Thanks for the advice as we have a cat, too.

Kim Radatz said...


Yes, vaccinate! I didn’t know how easy it was for cats to get FeLuc; a simple hissing match through a screen can do it.

Thanks, Hennessee is a cutie, isn’t she. I love her half and half face.


wendy said...

My heart is heavy for you! Not sure what to tell the kids as they will shed many tears too! We miss you and love you to pieces.

Kim Radatz said...

Hey Hon,

No need to tell them anything. Best to explain it as it unfolds, me thinks. Already lost Rye's Patch, which I have been waiting to tell her about when we get home and the time is right.

Sorry their hearts will be sad.:(