Friday, February 25, 2011

You’ve Got Mail

It used to be when we got letters regarding shows they came in the mail.

In an envelope.

Now it’s not so much about holding the letter in your hand as it is about hearing the words, “You’ve got mail!”

And I did. Get mail, that is. From the gallery in Wisconsin that I told you about in January. Good news too. I got a solo show in September 2012. I’m thrilled.

I’m also happy the committee took the time to tell me that they loved my proposal packet. Very nice of them.  It helps to know stuff like that. To be reassured that, yep, that was good, stay on this path. I’m feeling even better about the proposals that I have screwed up in the past.

And I know you already know why, I can hear the rustle of your pom poms.  Thank you.  I'm cheering for you too!

Have a wonderful day!

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