Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do You Do Morning Pages?

Julia Cameron hit a home run with The Artist’s Way. Have you read the book? Done your 3 pages daily? If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend doing so. It is well worth the read. Check out Julia Cameron’s website here for information on the book and more.

The reason I ask you about the 3 pages is that today I stumbled upon a notebook full of my daily pages from early 2000 and what an interesting read it has been!

Here is an excerpt from March 2000.
“I really, really, really do want to be successful…but I don’t know if I’ll ever get there. I don’t’ think I’m talented enough. I don’t think I work hard enough…what if the ideas don’t come.”

When I first read this I was saddened to hear such self doubt. But, wait a minute. I needn’t feel sad, I should be glad as I don’t feel this way anymore.

Not talented enough? As you already know, I accept that I have never been the most talented artist, but I have tenacity and that takes me much further. And I work very hard in my studio daily.

Ideas won’t come? Hardly. I can’t turn off the ideas. There currently aren’t enough hours in the day to finish all of them.

And success? Well, I’ve matured since then. I’m not sure what I was pining for back then, but I imagine it had to do with accolades from my peers. Fortunately, I have received recognition for my work since then in the form of awards and such, but more importantly, I realize that success isn’t measured by outside sources, but how I feel within.

All of this to say, wow, I honestly feel the pages worked for me. I am happy I took the advice to heart and devoted the time to them. I feel certain they had a great impact upon who I am today. Seeing hard work come to fruition, well, what better testimonial can there be.

So, my advice is to check out the book, if you haven’t already done so, and do the pages, whether you are new to them or starting anew.  And I plan to do the same. Keep me posted on how they go, and I shall do the same.

May your day be filled with new beginnings!


Martha Marshall said...

I did them for a long time, just about the time her book was new, I imagine. Wonder where those journal pages went. Perhaps to the curb when we moved!

I've thought about the process since. It seems to really open up the creative process, and maybe I'll do it again.

Thanks for the reminder!

Kim Radatz said...


I agree. The pages definitely helped to kick start my creative juices. But more importantly for me, they helped me to focus on and understand what I wanted so I could then work on those specific goals without floundering around.

Hmmm, floundering, sounds like it could be an interesting blog post! :-)

If you do them again let me know it goes.