Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Kiss for Luck and It's On Its Way

The other day I shared with you that I was considering applying for a 2 month residency and that I was afraid. One of the reasons for my fear is that I have taken workshops and done residencies in the past, and they haven’t always lived up to what I had hoped for.

Silly me. Worrying that something won’t work out exactly as I planned. But then I remembered that nothing in life ever works out exactly as we think they will, right? Does that mean the experience isn’t worth it? Or worth trying something similar in the future? A definitive no. It might take months or even years to realize the benefit, but it’s there, it’s always there. There are always benefits to every experience. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder to see them.

All of that to say, I shoved aside my fears, with some force, mind you, and did it. Application completed and submitted. Now I just hope for the best, knowing full well that whatever the outcome, it is as it should be.

On that happy note, I bid your farewell. May your day be a creative one!

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