Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do You Give Good__________(fill in the blank)?

No matter what the blank is to you, are you good at it?

Do you go the extra mile?

Are you the best that you can be?

Even on a bad day?

I received an order of eggs today (nope, I no longer blow my own as I use too many) from The Feathered Egg. This is my second order from Corinne and both times her customer service has been way above average.

And I’m not talking about the condition of the eggs when they arrived. Though happily, there were no broken eggs either time as each one was lovingly (you could just feel it) wrapped in protective bubble wrap. It was the small pair of scissors included in the first order to assist me in unwrapping said eggs that let me know this was a company that was top notch.

But the box I received today made me break out in a big smile. On top was a tiny little pink chick, the kind you see everywhere at this time of year. So yes, they are readily available. And no, I can’t put it to good use, but it let me know that The Feathered Egg goes the extra mile each time they send a shipment. And it made me happy and warm inside. That can never be a bad thing.

Maybe I can put it to good use, after all. I think I’ll attach it to the top of my computer so that every day I am reminded that I too should go the extra mile and be good at whatever task is currently at hand.

Thank you, Corinne, for reminding me to reach higher!

Have a great day, everybody!

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